Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ChapljaVM Code Obfuscator 0.0.1 alpha

This is a release of a very early alpha version of the program, make sure to read the README!


README file contents:

# ChapljaVM Code Obfuscator readme

ChapljaVM Code Obfuscator is a tool used for protection of PE executable
files. It is currently in alpha stage and is thus far from finished.
Many instructions are not supported yet or may be improperly mutated
which can result in the protection application not functioning correctly
(e.g. crashing).

Notes: The input executable must be compiled with image randomization
disabled and no relocation sections or it will crash when loaded at non
default base address. This means you must disable the above mentioned
features in your compiler for your EXE files as well. Only 32bit files
are supported at this stage and instructions in the marked code blocks
must not have any prefixes (e.g. lock, repne, etc). Also, certain
instructions are currently supported only in certain forms, for example:
"xor register, register" may be supported, but "xor [mem], imm" not.

More instructions will be supported soon, but you may report an
instruction used by your program if it's not supported and it will take
priority over other instructions. Contact details are on the bottom of
this file.

The code produced at this stage is a bit too large (100 bytes of code
becomes around 1600 bytes of code, but that will be optimized soon) and
not all instructions are mutated, some are simply copied in its original
form. Remember, this is an alpha version! Many things are temporary and
the obfuscation complexity will be much more complex in future versions.

The protection options are not customizable at this stage, the options
block will be enabled at a later point.

How to use: Include the "ChapljaVM_SDK.h" in your C/C++ project and use
CVM_BEGIN and CVM_END macros to mark the start and the end of a code
block you wish to protect.

Please report all bugs to - this includes unsupported
instructions as well as any other kind of bug (e.g. the generated exe
file is crashing or producing wrong results).

# Credits for used libraries
* PeLib -
Copyright 2004 by Sebastian Porst
Original license in PELIB_LICENSE.txt

* libudis86 -
Copyright (c) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Original license in UDIS86_LICENSE.txt

* AsmJit -
Copyright (c) 2008-2010, Petr Kobalicek
Original license in ASMJIT_COPYING.txt

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