Wednesday, February 25, 2015

x86obf source code

After releasing the x86obf tool for free I received quite a few requests
for the source code. It was planned for the future, but I've decided to
release it sooner.

The source code has been slightly stripped. Junk code generators are
removed (they emit NOP only), data encryption is removed and so is
bytecode encryption/obfuscation.

Virtualization handlers have been removed for some important and some
not so important instructions. One of the important handlers were Jxx
instructions which cannot be executed by the VM in its native form. In
fact, every instruction that somehow changes execution flow (e.g. CALL,
RET, JMP, Jxx, etc) must be handled manually.

I am releasing this as a learning material, not a ready to use
compile-my-own-protector source. It will successfully virtualize and
produce working binaries for short blocks of code which don't have
conditional jumps. If you want to build a real protector on top of this,
you will have to develop some code yourself.

x86obf was initially meant to be a commercial application, but it didn't
work out. It had two versions, local and remote, which is why it's split
into two projects and still has context data transferring code which is
not needed in its current state.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

The public version of x86obf will continue to be developed, in fact it's
being rewritten slightly to provide better functionality and also to
compensate for this source code release - I am changing its internal VM

You're free to use this source code in free and commercial projects, but
please do credit me.

Writing virtualization handlers is straightforward:


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MazeGen said...

Thank you for releasing the source code! As far as I know, there are no similar open-sourced obfucators.